Towards RawTherapee v2.4 - The First Milestone

First of all thank you for the feedback and bug reports, RT is improved with every little piece of information. The RT DevTeam would like to encourage everyone: help us this way in the future, too. Our forum is open to all of you!

The development of RawTherapee v2.4 has reached the first milestone. The features below are implemented already:

  • Full EXIF support: The long-waited feature is here, RawTherapee is able to import EXIF data from RAWs and export to the output image formats, including TIFF. RT supports Makernotes, and standards compliance is improved.
  • EXIF Browser: Browse, edit, delete the original EXIF tags. The possibility to record additional tags (like author, copyright and comment) is also available.
  • IPTC tag support
  • More input ICC profile options
  • A new highlight recovery method (“CIELab Blending”), that promises better recovery of color information
  • Histogram now corresponds to cropped area
  • Runtime theme switching: The look (“skin”) of RT can be changed, and you don’t even need to restart the program. RT will be packed with new themes, too.
  • Lots of other minor (and not-so-minor) tweaks: bugfixes, eye-candy, some new GUI icons, performance improvements, etc…

Good work needs time, so we don’t want to stick to any deadline, but the next version is released soon. Stay tuned!