RawTherapee v2.3 released

We are proud to present RawTherapee version 2.3!


  • Image resizing tool
  • Vignetting correction tool
  • Local contrast enhancement tool
  • Auto Crop and Fill option in the rotation tool
  • Multi-language support (already included in package: English, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak)
  • Channel mixer
  • Deconvolution based sharpening
  • VNG-4 interpolation of dcraw to reduce maze on Olympus raw images
  • Selectable guide lines when cropping
  • Enhanced auto and spot white balance
  • Support for new cameras (DCRaw 8.82/1.398)
  • Windows Vista support

Besides the new release of the RawTherapee there are two more surprises:

  • A beautiful new web-page is up and running! It’s made by Bytec with user-oriented solutions and supportive areas in mind. The new site helps to overview, download, and learn RawTherapee in a centralized, efficient way. News are provided via RSS feed, and there is a tool to compare RawTherapee with many other converters. We hope you’ll enjoy the new “headquarters”, please feel free to feedback us in the forums!
  • A development team is introduced, the members are Gábor, Bytec, Dualon, Keenonkites and Klonk.

The multi-language support of v2.3 lets you to contribute in translation. For instructions or other questions check the FAQ section.

For feature requests, bug reports, unanswered questions or for just a discussion about RawTherapee use our forum.

Most importantly: have a good time with RawTherapee 2.3!