Can you help?

RawTherapee flourishes thanks to the hard work of the people who continue to push their boundaries and to spend their free time creatively and actively contributing to a wonderful global effort. You too can join us and help make RawTherapee better while gaining experience and learning from others. Please take a look at the list below which details areas where we need help, and see if you could lend a hand!

Architecture & design

  • OpenCL
  • SSE
  • Expertise in finding and fixing memory leaks
  • Completion of XMP support
  • Integration with Lens correction solution(s)
  • Expertise in toolchains to make RT buildable with both GCC and VC++
  • We may also need to consider evolution of DAM functionality
  • Light weight Database catalog for fast and comprehensive inquiry
  • Reworking cache architecture (storing everything in a single directory is not scalable)
  • Expansion of integration options (exports, tagging, etc)
  • Smooth zooming
  • Modular engine
  • Plugin support


  • Suppression of color shifts in RGB and Lab tools
  • Localized editing
  • Faster CMS
  • Enhanced deconvolution methods, support for custom PSF
  • Soft proofing
  • Expanded partial profile library (BW options, split toning, etc)

UI & Usability

  • Enhanced tooltips, integrated documentation
  • Postprocessing profile browser
  • Drag & drop UI
  • Flat curve tool
  • Threshold tool
  • Workflow management


  • All open Google Code defects & enhancements

Documentation & PR

  • Website design & maintenance
  • Comparison to other tools
  • Tutorials
  • Translation of the manual
  • Translation of the interface
  • Documentation of the source code using tools like doxygen

If you feel you can help with any of these, please use the RawTherapee developer forums.
Documentation of RawTherapee’s source code, containing a reference of all the namespaces, classes and files, can be found here.