4.2 Pre-Release Announcement

Dear package maintainersWe will be releasing RawTherapee-4.2 this Friday, 2014-10-24. Please take a minute to read this announcement.

Please make your builds use cache and config folders called just “RawTherapee” without any version suffix. This can be done by setting the following option:


In the past we requested that a clean cache and config folder is created by appending the RawTherapee version. We hope that that move has accomplished its purpose, and now strive to offer a seamless and stable upgrade process to users by re-using these files.

See issue 2427 for a discussion.

You may optionally want to make the installer check for the existence of any RawTherapee cache and config folder, and, if one is found, inform the user that they can simply copy over the contents from e.g. ~/.config/RawTherapee-4.1 to ~/.config/RawTherapee

At the same time it would be good to point them to RawPedia so they can find out how to fix crashes on startup and how to write useful bug reports.

We will also be shipping a rawtherapee.appdata.xml file. See the freedesktop.org AppData page, and issue 2512. Do with it as you will!