Raw Therapee 1.1 preview release 2

2006. Sept. 21. (Thursday), 00:00, by dualon
RT 1.1
The second preview of Raw Ttherapee 1.1 has been released. It has new features like cropping, rotating and lens distortion correction, and many bugs fixed.

Thank you for the many-many excellent ideas you sent me by email. Please don't stop, send me feature requests and bug reports to the following email address: gabor at rawtherapee dot com. I read all the mails, although it happens that I don't have time to reply to everybody.

I recently realized that the exif handling library I use (exiv2) has a GPL license (I tought it is LGPL), so I had write an own exif library. It should work fine, although it does not copy the Makernote from the raw files to the jpg files, and also parsing the .crw files are not supported yet.
So what is missing from the final 1.1 version? The most important is the Fuji support (maybe D1X support, too), and fixing the bugs you find.