Beta Version released: 2.4beta2

2008. Nov. 12. (Wednesday), 13:31, by dualon
RT 2.4

Based on the bug reports of the users many annoying bugs have been discovered and fixed. There are still some more, but we think it's time to make beta 2 available for the public.

Bug fixes compared to beta1 are:

  • multiple thumbnails for the same image bug fixed
  • color propagation is back! However the luminance method is used instead in the file browser.
  • proper rights for the "converted" folder under linux
  • history panel cannot be resized after hide/restore fixed
  • send to editor now does not freeze if the app path in invalid
  • duplicate list of extensions in the preferences fixed (you have to delete your old options file!)
  • tiff and rw2 extensions added to the default list of extensions
  • color values under the mouse pointer are now correct
  • directory browser now does not forget its width
  • linear dng/canon sraw is now supported
  • IPTC data in nef files is now detected/parsed
  • several bugs fixed corresponding to the multiple selection in the file browser

Known issues (Several users have it but I can not reproduce them, please test it and post report to the forum if you found a reproducible scenario for these bugs):

  • some people reported crash when save/save-as is pressed
  • the preview zoom does not work properly (e.g. fit zoom)
  • still no solution on the library dependency problems under older linux distributions