RawTherapee V2.4 Release Candidate

2009. Jan. 29. (Thursday), 14:34, by dualon
Nightly Builds, RT 2.4

The following fixes/additions have been made since the last beta:

  • crash on closing the progress dialog fixed
  • confusion when pp2 files of both the old and new naming convention found
  • less tall "Preferences" dialog to fit the small screen of netbooks
  • a new option in the "Save As" dialog: put to the head of the queue
  • fixed non-working image saving when path contains international characters
  • much fewer maze artifacts for Olympus raw files with hphd and ahd demosaicing methods
  • more keyboard shortcuts (see the popup menu in the file browser)
  • dcraw updated to 8.90/1.417
  • updated rawzor support (now for 64 bit linux version, too)

And one more important news: I managed to compile RT on Mac OSX (no X11 is required). The problem is that I do not know this operation system very well so I have to find out how to create an installer, or how to deploy the application on MAC. If you are an experienced osx developer please contact me, I need some help.