Beta Version released: 2.4beta1

2008. Oct. 27. (Monday), 14:58, by dualon
RT 2.4

The development team is happy to announce the beta version of RawTherapee 2.4. The aim of this release is to give possibility to the users to test and report back problems and bugs. Translators can start translating new language strings to make RawTherapee as multi-lingual as possible.

We hope to have a short beta cycle and try to release the final version as soon as possible. There are many-many changes under the hood. We have all the major building blocks done, so -- for the next version -- we can start a new, workflow-oriented GUI re-arrangement and also to refine the image processing algorithms.

Detailed changelog for 2.4beta1:

  • newest dcraw 8.88
  • Improved GUI Layout
  • Separated GUI from processing engine
  • Improved Filebrowser
  • Ranking support
  • Basic file operations possible (delete, remove, rename)
  • Filtering based on exif data
  • Configurable thumbnail caching
  • Live thumbnails (showing the images in the processed state)
  • Resizable thumbnails
  • Configurable thumbnail layout (left - right, top - down)
  • Basic batch-processing
  • Controllable workqueue
  • Copy/Paste processing profiles (or only part of them)
  • Direct sending of images to the workqueue
  • Improved auto-exposure and spot white-balance
  • "Send to Editor" feature (Gimp, Photoshop, custom editor)

Changelog for earlier 2.4m1

  • Full EXIF support
  • EXIF Browser: Browse, edit, delete the original EXIF tags
  • IPTC tag support
  • More input ICC profile options
  • A new highlight recovery method ("CIELab Blending")
  • Histogram now corresponds to cropped area
  • Theming support (with runtime theme switching, limited possibilities on Linux running KDE)