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RawPedia is the only official source of documentation for users.
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Developing raw images is a breeze when you know what it is you want to achieve, and when you know the tools you have at your disposal. The RawPedia wiki contains articles which describe every tool and topic related to RawTherapee, and more. Reading it will answer most of your questions, it will give you greater power and maneuverability in getting the most out of RawTherapee's tools, and it will save you time!

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Source Code Documentation

Doxygen-generated source code documentation for developers:
Branch: Default; Version: 4.2.90; Revision: c742291f051f

Please note that due to fast evolution of the project this documentation may not be entirely up to date.

Unofficial Documentation from the Community

RawPedia is the only official source of documentation. The articles listed below are written by RawTherapee users. They may be incorrect. We offer links to them here as you may find them helpful, but RawPedia always has the final word.

Articles by Russell Cottrell:

Guide to using RawTherapee from baleko in Hungarian: A Rawtherapee használata

Tutorials from Scribble:

Obsolete Documentation

This obsolete documentation (in other words, no longer valid) is provided for archival purposes only, do not learn from it.

RawTherapee Manual - v4.0.12 - PDF - English