RawTherapee 5.1-rc1 released

2017. May 10. (Wednesday), 23:08, by DrSlony
We have just released RawTherapee 5.1-rc1. This is a release candidate for version 5.1. This is not version 5.1 yet. This release is meant for testing in order to enable us to release a stable 5.1.

Downloads available from our forum.

If you run into any issues, file a proper bug report as explained in RawPedia.

Package maintainers can get the code by checking out the "5.1-rc1" tag in git, or by downloading a no-git-required tarball from here.

A full list of new features will be made available once 5.1 is released. If no issues are found with this release candidate, the final release will be made in about 5 days time.