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RawTherapee 5.4

Splash screen and File Browser tab in RawTherapee 5.4.

A HDR DNG from HDRMerge, generated using 5 photos from a Sony ILCE-7M2 bracketed 2EV apart, taken on a misty Autumn morning in Sweden. The history panel shows all steps performed since opening the photo.

A HDR DNG from HDRMerge, generated using 5 photos from a Sony ILCE-7M2 bracketed 2EV apart, taken in Provence in France. The image on the left shows what the out-of-camera JPEG looks like, while the image on the right shows what is possible using RawTherapee's new HDR Tone Mapping tool.

The new Auto-Matched Tone Curve tool allows you to make the raw image look identical to the out-of-camera JPEG with a single click. This behavior is now part of the new default profile for raw photos.

The L*a*b* hue according to hue tool (HH) was used to alter the hue of the yellow blanket without affecting the slightly more red cat fur. A detail window shows the eye at 100% zoom while the main preview is at 25% zoom.

A good combination of chrominance noise reduction to remove color noise blotches, coupled with unsharp mask sharpening on the luminance to enhance the fur texture.

Lockable color pickers places on patches of a color target, used for creating an input profile for a given camera and illuminant. The patches can display RGB, HSV and L*a*b* values.

A HDR DNG from HDRMerge, generated using 5 photos from a Pentax K10D bracketed 2EV apart. The very high dynamic range of the scene and the mixed lighting would have posed a challenge, but RawTherapee 5.4's new HDR Tone Mapping tool and color controls made that easy.

Fine-tuning a photo using both curves.

RawTherapee 5.0

A Sony A72 compressed raw photo of a misty morning processed entirely in RawTherapee using a pre-release version of RawTherapee 5.0.

RawTherapee 4.2

A Before|After view of a fisheye high dynamic range raw DNG image produced using HDRMerge is processed to restore the warm, natural light of this vintage style kitchen.

Detail windows let you peek at a higher magnification at areas of interest. As this is a HDR DNG image, even the darkest areas show no noise.

Color toning is used sparingly to separate the colors of this macro shot, nudging them to green tones with warm highlights.

An information overlay shows you metadata about the current image, even if it was shot using a 35 year old manual lens as this photo was.

The cow photo is converted to black-and-white with a decrease of the luminance of blue hues and color-toned to give it a dirty feel.

A Before|After view showing the uninspiring colors of the original photo, and the result of a black-and-white color-toned version.

Tone-mapping using CIECAM02 and a graduated filter are used to control the light in this high dynamic range scene, shot right after an autumn shower.

RawTherapee's File Browser lets you rate your photos using a start and color label system, as well as filter visible images using metadata.

To let you make the most of your CPU, you can save each tweaked image to a paused queue. This lets you fully use your machine's processing power to render the preview as quickly as possible. Once you have added all the desired images to the queue, you can run it so RawTherapee fully uses your CPU for developing the full-sized versions of these raws while you have a drink or a sandwich.

RawTherapee 4.0.9

Lago di Braies in Italy tweaked for a vibrant look.

Photo of Mont Saint-Michel developed with a vintage look, uneven vignetting from sky neutralized, shadows lifted using the Tone Mapping tool, golden color cast introduced using Lab curves, and some colors were made to glow using Luminance According to the Chromaticity curves.

Automatic Chromatic Aberration Correction tool in action - "before" view. This photo suffers from chromatic aberration - the colors are not focused correctly resulting in reddish and greenish fringes around object edges.

Automatic Chromatic Aberration Correction tool in action - "after" view. The chromatic aberration has been automatically eliminated.

A poorly lit photo is recovered using a mixture of curves and tone mapping.

The skin was smoothed and blemishes reduced using Lab curves, detail was extracted using the Unsharp Mask sharpening tool along with the advanced threshold selector. Tone Mapping was used to bring out details.

RawTherapee 4.0.8

A photo of a passionfruit flower made to pop using Tone Mapping and Lab curves.

RawTherapee 4.0.7

A dull photo of a log cabin in the shade was developed using Tone Mapping to bring out details, Lab curves to correct color, Noise Reduction to counter the effects of increasing noise when increasing exposure, with Microcontrast and Contrast by Detail Levels to enhance texture.

The effects of several detail enhancing tools.

London Bridge on a cloudless morning (a rare occurence, as any Londoner will testify) was lit by a strong side-light resulting in a dynamic range too high for contemporary cameras. The photo was underexposed so as to preserve data in highlights, and then developed making extensive use of the Tone Mapping and Lab curve tools.

RawTherapee4's powerful new denoising tool in action - "before" view. It removes color blotches while preserving detail.

RawTherapee4's powerful new denoising tool in action - "after" view. It removes color blotches while preserving detail.

RawTherapee 4.0.5

Colors were cleaned up by tweaking white balance and Lab curves, and the image was made more crisp by bringing out the details using the Tone Mapping tool together with an Exposure Tone Curve.

The colors of the original scene were bland, so the photo was converted to black and white using B&W Toning. Tone Mapping with a very careful tweak of the Exposure Tone Curve was used to both bring out shadowd while also enhancing the wave pattern on the ground.

The first demonstration of Tone Mapping in RawTherapee, this photo of a high dynamic range scene in a bar in Dobbiaco in the Dolomites was enhanced using only Tone Mapping along with a simple Exposure Tone Curve.

RawTherapee 3.1

Multiple tabs mode and the history panel.

Lab curves.

Vertical single tab mode, exposure tone curve, QtCurve engine theme.

Vertical single tab mode, exposure tone curve, Focus theme.

Vertical single tab mode, exposure tone curve, Dark theme.

Before | After view.

Batch Queue.