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Version 0.10.5, changes:

Version 0.10.4, changes: 2015-10-30
Version 0.10.3, changes: 2015-10-27
Version 0.10.2, changes:

Version 0.10.1: hotfix for a rolloff bug in the tone reproduction operator causing oversaturated skies among other things.

Version 0.10.0, changes:

Version 0.9.13, changes: 2015-09-26
Version 0.9.12, changes: 2015-09-17
Version 0.9.11, changes: 2015-09-16
Version 0.9.10, changes: Known serious bug: I've become aware that there are some pretty severe issues with the neutral tone reproduction operator and indeed this new gamut compression feature around the sun in sunset pictures, due to that the transition into clipping does not work well. I'm looking into fixing this and will release a new version as soon as possible. Linear profiles are unaffected.

This bug has been introduced sometime in the last versions, so until I've fixed this I recommend using version DCamProf v0.9.7.

DCamProf is new software and may contain serious bugs like this that I have missed in my testing. If you discover a bug like this I'm very grateful if it's reported back to me so I become aware of it and can fix it.

Version 0.9.9, changes:

Version 0.9.8, changes: 2015-09-06
Version 0.9.7, changes: 2015-09-05
Version 0.9.6, changes: 2015-09-03
Version 0.9.5, changes: 2015-08-28
Version 0.9.4, changes: 2015-08-18
Version 0.9.3, changes: 2015-08-14
Version 0.9.2, changes: 2015-08-11
Version 0.9.1, changes: 2015-08-05
Version 0.9.0, changes: 2015-07-29
Version 0.8.4, changes: 2015-07-26
Version 0.8.3, changes: 2015-07-06
Version 0.8.2, changes: 2015-07-03
Version 0.8.1, changes: 2015-06-26
Version 0.8.0, changes: 2015-06-09
Version 0.7.4, changes: 2015-06-07
Version 0.7.3, a quick update due to some bad bugs introduced in 0.7.2: 2015-06-05
Version 0.7.2, changes: 2015-05-30
Version 0.7.1, changes: 2015-05-23
Version 0.7.0. Changes: 2015-05-18
Patch release 0.6.4. Fixed overall stats bug. Added possibility to show matrix result only on make-profile (-L), useful when doing repeated runs tuning weights for a matrix-only profile. Minor adjustment of matrix optimizer. Updated make-profile weighting documentation with some more tips.

Patch release 0.6.3. Fixed a plot bug introduced in 0.6.2. I also adjusted whitepoint preservation handling, now the LUT (per default) excludes patches close to the whitepoint, as the matrix is whitepoint-preserving (neutral patches already optimized for as good as possible) it doesn't make sense to stretch there. Added sign to error tables on lightness and chroma so one can see if the color is too light or dark or too saturated or desaturated. Added two more error vector plots.

Patch release 0.6.2. Added ICC support for test-profile, including transfer function reversal, and also some ICC plots. Now ICC support is as good as DCP support.

Patch release 0.6.1. Fixed various ICC bugs, added possibility to provide transfer functions which means Capture One ICCs can now be generated. It's now also possible to make LUT ICCs. Test-profile for ICC is still missing, but otherwise ICC support should be complete. To read transfer functions a new dependency was added, libtiff. The native LUT now applies whitepoint preservation.

Here's 0.6.0. It's now possible to make ICC profiles (make-icc), matrix-only for linear pipelines only to start with (-L flag must be enabled). Added possibility to add a tone curve when making a DCP. Extended profile format (can't use old profile.json files, sorry). Added icc2json and json2icc commands. Added -I parameter to make-target so you can separate RGB and XYZ illuminants also in that command. Increased parsing flexibility for Argyll-like files (various CGATS), should handle patchtool files better.

Patch release 0.5.4. Fixed bug in RGB/XYZ levels when merging several targets, fixed a few Windows compile bugs. Now DCamProf supports emissive spectra in the target files (added SAMPLE_TYPE column, "R" or "E"). When merging targets the special patch "illuminant" and "white" (new) is now always kept even if there are nearby patches.

Patch release 0.5.3. Added possibility to read Argyll SPECT files (produced by Argyll's illumread) as illuminants. Now it's possible to make dual-illuminant DCPs directly with the make-dcp command. When running the command without parameters there is now a full list of exif light sources and their temperatures, a useful list when choosing a suitable calibration illuminant. Added a new command txt2ti3 to convert raw text files with spectral data to .ti3 that make-target can read, useful when getting spectral data from various third-party sources.

Patch release 0.5.2. A slight adjustment of observer remapping in make-dcp and some update of observer documentation.

New patch release 0.5.1. I hadn't tested on Lightroom properly. It was shown that Lightroom cannot handle too high precision on matrix rationals and it doesn't like if the standard observer WP is different from 1931_2. I have now changed default observer to 1931_2 as it's an easier to use default, and made an automatic remapping in the make-dcp tool to handle the case when a different observer was used during profile creation.

Here's the first release of DCamProf to the public (0.5.0). This is an early one, and while you can make camera profiles with it it's still in a "hackish" state, probably some bugs left and certainly slow. There's lots of silly loops over loops here and there. My excuse is that I've been focused to get things working first rather than get stuck optimizing for speed. As usual with these kind of projects it has taken far more time than I initially planned, but then it's far more feature-rich too!

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